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A range of options are available so far as toasting and charring – for whisky production we recommend a heavy toast, to initially develop flavour, and to break down much of the tannins in the wood (long prolonged heating with a wood fire, which helps to caramelise natural wood sugars, can take 30 minutes plus), followed by a light charring, which will help to develop lignin-derived congeners, and also help to remove sulphurous impurities in the spirit. However, any option that the customer wants is available (charring is a much more intense process, last mere minutes, and creates a purifying layer of charcoal on the inner surface of the barrel.

Staves for ‘smaller’ barrels (<500L) are seasoned for 3 years prior to cooping, while those for larger barrels are seasoned for 5 years. Barrel end engraving and laser-etched logos available on request.

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