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We specialise in the supply of Slovenian and Slavonian Oak (Latin Quercus Petraea) sources from the pristine forests of Slovenia and Croatia. Quercus Petraea has long been used for fruit brandy and wine maturation, and is beginning to be more recognised in the maturation of whiskies worldwide. Q. Petraea has a markedly different flavour profile to American White Oak (Q. Alba), while Q. Alba imparts strong vanilla and coconut flavours, Q. Petraea can be more subtle, imparting a slight more buttery and spicy character, while the tannins delivered are much more fine than those from Q. Robur.

While we endeavour to have a range of woods available, this may be down to seasonal variation, and down to the existing stock of seasoned wood available. Typically available species include Q. Alba, Q. Petraea, Q. Robur, Acacia, Wild Cherry, Chestnut, Ash, Beech, Mulberry (and sometimes Apple, Pear) – please don’t hesitate to contact us If you are looking for a specific and one-off piece made from a different species – we will endeavour to search out timber and get a price for you.

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