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We can offer copper pot stills for the production of whiskies including single malt and grain whiskies (rye whisky, corn/maize whisky, etc.), typically heating with steam coils or pans (for lautered products e.g. single malt production) or jackets (for on-the-grain products e.g. rye and corn whiskies), although we can offer according to your project demands – electrical heating elements (either direct or jacketed, or in an external loop, gas or wood-fired boxes, etc.

We can manufacture copper stills upto 12mm copper thickness, with whisky-standard shell and tube condensers or wormtub condensers, to your design.

As standard we design stills with pressure and vacuum relief systems built in (either with ATEX-rated PVRV valves or with water seal pots), with air vent lines for filling and discharging, with flame arrestors, and with safety interlock systems for controlling heating in the event of a failure e.g. cooling water stopped, or hot spirit after the condenser.

All electrical components are on request suitably ATEX-UKEX rated (with the appropriate Atex-UKEX barriers installed in the instrument panel, if this is to sit outside the Atex zone), and the systems come with anti-detonation Atex-UKEX flame arrestors, ATEX-UKEX rated pressure relief valves (or seal pots), and Atex-UKEX rated valves where appropriate too.

The finished product:

After the construction of the still is completed it goes through testing to insure that it performs as specified. Once this is done, the still and components are carefully crated for shipment.

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