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Only the finest European materials are used to manufacture our stills. One of the metals that is absolutely critical is copper. Copper transfers heat quickly and has a unique ability to remove sulfur compounds from the distillate. Thus purity of copper is critical. The copper used in our stills is 99.9% pure. The other critical factor is longevity. The copper used in stills that is in constant contact with the wash or vapors is subject to erosion due to the sulfur compounds present turn copper into copper sulfate. This exchange is what purifies the end product of sulfur compounds. With this being said, metal thickness equals longevity.

Below is the typical metal thickness used in these critical areas of the still:

  • Copper thickness of pot = 4-12 mm
  • Copper thickness of the helmet = 2-4 mm
  • Copper dimension of condenser tubes = fi 18 x 3 mm
  • Copper thickness of the condenser (shell) = 3 mm
  • Copper thickness of the column = 2-3 mm

Our stills are constructed using only tig welding. This insures a strong and inert connection between both similar and dissimilar metals. Even the smallest details are given attention by the our master craftsmen.

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