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Words of advice; be critical with your safety checks; ATEX rated components (e.g. heating elements, sensors, lights, agitators, appropriate valves) and as a whole. Safety Atex relief valves, Atex Flame arrestors on breather valves and vents, ask your self "what happens if...?" (E.g what happens, if the condenser water fails, what happens if the heater gets stuck on, what happens if there is a leak - don't scrimp on safety).

Distilleries have been destroyed (and, more importantly, people very badly hurt or killed) by as little as static sparks from inappropriate seals on a non ATEX rated valve on a receiver; these things cost money, but the benefit is that you should never see the benefit of them ! Also ready HSG176, HSG51 and ACOP L138 as a minimum. DSEAR risk assessment is also mandatory - ensure your zoning is correct and mitigated, and that LELs cannot be reached through adequate and suitable ventilation.

There have been 2 explosions in gin distilleries in the last years due to non compliance, which would never have happened, if the Pot stills were safely built and layers of protection were in place:

  • control loops on condensers
  • pressure and relief valves on pot (ATEX rated)
  • flame arrestors for breathers/tail pipe vent

Worth to talk with Fire Inspectors and Process Engineers before installing the equipment on site.

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