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All electrical components are by request suitably ATEX-UKEX rated (with the appropriate ATEX-UKEX barriers installed in the instrument panel, if this is to sit outside the atex zone), and the systems come with anti-detonation ATEX-UKEX flame arrestors, ATEX-UKEX rated pressure relief valves (or seal pots), and ATEX-UKEX rated and fire safe valves where appropriate.

  • ATEX-UKEX pressure - vacuum relief valve on pot with tail pipe vent connected to end of line or inline ATEX-UKEX flame arrestor.
  • ATEX-UKEX air cran valve connected to inline or end of line Atex flame arrestor
  • Safety ATEX-UKEX switches on cooling loop and temperature transmitters.
  • ATEX-UKEX certified pot still means that all mechanical and electronic (instruments & control panel) equipment are installed on the pot still and approved by the authorities.

Our stills are atex compliant and we provide stills with control panels and a high-level basic instrumentation set as standard - any instrumentation can be added by request, including foam-switches, Atex-UKEX high-level switches, safety loops, ATEX-UKEX rated agitator.

ATEX Certification

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