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Kresnik Copper Pot Stills & Brass Spirit Safes

We've been working hard for several years to develop and bring to the market high quality distilling equipment which is European-made, ATEX/UKEX accredited (though we can do UL-accredited too by request) copper pot stills, all individually custom made for clients.

We've shipped into Scotland & England, and to Ireland some fantastic gin, rum, and whisky stills for clients.

We can build large capacity pots from 50L or less, up to 5000L with a heating source of your choice. We usually recommend indirect electric heating with a jacket for smaller setups and steam for larger setups (either jacket or coil/pans depending on their use), though we can do direct-fired gas or wood too – we are open to discuss your requirements, and can also build in any automation required for safety and control systems.

All of our stills come with European valves and components fitted as standard.

Our team have many orders on the books, especially for fruit brandy distillation units which are becoming increasingly popular, too.

We don't have a standard pricelist due to all projects being custom made, but can put a quote together for you, as well as supply all other equipment required to get you going from mashing, fruit preparation, fermenting, maturation and bottling; anything from a single PTFE-lined continually-conducting hose (suitable for spirits) up to a full distillery with a steam boiler and cooling tower.

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