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We pride ourselves in supplying economical, high quality and fit for purpose equipment, designed and supplied with competitive lead times and exeptional service. We can also source anything from individual valves through to control systems, hoses, consumables, all the way to full brewkits and distilling equipment.

Over the past serval years our European partners have been working with Professors of Distillery Science and engineers to develop a line of stills, mash tuns and support brewing equipment that provides the optimum of performance and quality of distilled product at a lower cost. We do bespoke copper pot stills from hobby size up to 5000L capacity, built to customer specifications. Every pot still is designed to order from scratch, to best fit the customers needs.

We are proud that our pot stills are ATEX / UKEX certified.

Each still is engineered to our customer’s specifications. Unlike a majority of stills on the market today in which one design fits all, each component on our stills are engineered to work correctly with each other. Case in point - it is critical that the column height and diameter has to be engineered to properly handle the volume of vapors emitted by the boiler. If this ratio is not designed well, a lot of complexity in the spirts will be lost along with not been able to precisely separate the “fractions.”

As the still is being engineered we keep constant communication with our customer with design signoff, review of drawings including 3d renders and P&ID generations, mass balance, with any changes and modifications discussed and costed.

The Final Design:

  • Once the design is completed, a drawing is supplied to our customer for review.
  • Option of similar PLC controls, touch screen electronic control panel (HMI), or full SCADA controls available
  • Option for full CIP apparatus for simple and automated cleaning process.
  • Options for agitators, lighting, rectification columns, shell and tube or worm tub condensers.
  • On demand we supply ATEX / UKEX certified Pot still
Marko Hlebec, M.A.

Marko Hlebec, M.A.

Over 10 year of experience in development of Svarog Sistemi. The company started through exporting wine equipment from local subcontractors within Europe and North America, but developed specialisation for custom brewing & distilling equipment design, supply and service. Marko, through Svarog Sistemi continues to develop the offering and has many references throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Marko has expertise in supply chain, logistics, and compliance, bringing together documentation, and connecting suppliers and clients to provide cost effective solutions to complex projects, as well as working with clients’ process engineers to help with value engineering solutions where needed.

Dr. Jack Mayo

Dr. Jack Mayo

Seasoned distillery manager and operations-led consultancy in the UK and Ireland, as well as covering a number of international projects across whisky, vodka, rum, gin and other distilled and rectified spirits. Jack has played in role in setting up and running several whisky and gin distilleries, with expertise in compliance, production ideation and management, liquid design & wood policy, procurement and staff recruitment and training. Jack holds a PhD in Physics as well as an MSc in Brewing and Distilling.

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